Skysong Press

Skysong Press was founded in 1988 to search for a reconciliation between science and religion at a time when a strong anti-science sentiment circulated among evangelical Christians. Our landmark literary journal, Dreams & Visions, began promoting Christian science fiction and speculation under the banner “New Frontiers in Christian Fiction.” In later years, the subtitle was changed to “Spiritual Fiction” in order to engage a more inclusive spirituality. At the turn of the century, Skysong Press collected the best speculative fiction from Dreams & Visions and other sources, and published 25 selections in the anthology Sky Songs.

Dreams & Visions 1989-2009 – 36 issues:

“I would urge all lovers of the arts to get hold of one or all of the chapbook-style publications by contacting Skysong Press. Be prepared for anything: your emotions might vary from anger to deep compassion; you may laugh, or you may cry; and it is highly likely you will wrestle with your heart-beliefs like Jacob and the angel…Within their pages I met (among others) an android who has a born-again experience, a modern day St. Francis struck by lightning, a child who loses her mother at Christmas, and a man who jumps off buildings so he can share a secret. This is fiction at its most compelling: when something we know as intimately as breathing is turned askew and we, viewing it from a different angle, see it as if it were brand new.” —ChristianWeek, Canada, reviewed by Fay S. Lapka.

skysongssky2“Stanton has assembled a stellar collection of rising talent, a treat for any reader who enjoys fresh, well-crafted storytelling. Highly recommended to any library that collects contemporary fiction.” —The Christian Librarian, USA, reviewed by Werner A. Lind.

“The anthology mixes modern themes—genetic engineering, android rights, and artificial intelligence—with new twists on old standbys like time travel and vampires…Together they make for eye-opening and heartfelt writing.” —Faith Today, Canada, reviewed by Terry Burman.

“Some of these stories are beautiful, glorious, or heart-breaking. Some are horrifying and grotesque…some others are just downright strange. Recommended for fans of genre stories.” —Christian Fiction Review, USA, reviewed by Tim Frankovich.

Free First Edition paperback copies are available from the publisher to researchers, reviewers, or historians. Contact steve.psipunk(at)