The Bloodlight Chronicles: Reconciliation
“Themes of transcendence and family love play out against backdrops of real and virtual worlds in Stanton’s slight neocyberpunk debut, the first speculative fiction title from Canadian indie ECW.” (Publishers Weekly)

“Grim and gritty, high-concept SF, with immortality on the line. Good stuff.” (Matthew Hughes)

“The book is a taut thriller, veering as it does between the real and the virtual, propelled by a central mystery…that bears some similarity to both C.S. Lewis’s sci-fi apologetic Out of the Silent Planet and Tad William’s Otherland series.” (Faith Today, reviewed by Lloyd Rang.)

“ECW’s first sf title revitalizes the cyber-fiction genre with its vivid prose and believable characters. Stylistically streamlined, this vibrant series opener should appeal to fans of Bruce Sterling and William Gibson.” (Library Journal, reviewed by Jackie Cassada)

“On the road much travelled of neo-cyberpunk, The Bloodlight Chronicles manages to tell a suspenseful and lean story not about glazing-eyes tech gone crazy but about gifted, yet human-sized characters we care about, with some welcome twists.” (Élisabeth Vonarburg)

“Stanton lands us in a vivid cyber world peopled by avatars, clones, V-pirates, escorts, hackers, sliders, guardians, machine intelligences, the white market, paladins of commerce and more… His characters are honest and real; their reactions to their situations, believable. His dialogue is tight and engaging. His pacing is excellent, and he kept me wondering what was going to happen next. Perhaps most important of all, he handles a difficult theme with sensitivity and courage.” (Susan MacGregor)

The Bloodlight Chronicles: Reconciliation delivers a ride and voice that is new and fresh…a fast-paced thrill ride with many twists and turns. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would recommend it without hesitation to anyone looking for a neocyberpunk story, or someone who is looking for a new take on vampirism and what it means to be immortal.” (Culinary Carnivale, reviewed by Dhympna Du Maurier)

“The climactic battle in cyberspace is one of the best I have read within the genre…If you are a cyberpunk fan, or would like to become one, grab yourself a copy of this novel. Stanton is an inventive and thoughtful writer.” (Innsmouth Free Press, reviewed by Mike Griffiths)

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