The Bloodlight Chronicles: Retribution
“The sequel to The Bloodlight Chronicles: Reconciliation explores the repercussions of chemical immortality, the nature of religion, life beyond death, and the politics and ethics of revenge. Set in a future where economic transactions are tied into virtual gaming, this elegantly written sf series features believable characters and powerful situations.” (Library Journal, 2011, reviewed by Teresa L. Jacobsen)

“Brisk, mature, and masterfully put together.” (Reviewed by Krista D. Ball)

“Excellent writing, interesting characters, and a believable vision of the future.” (Kasma SF, 2012, reviewed by Alexander Korovessis)

“His characters act like real people. Check out this book.” (410 Media, 2012, reviewed by David Baker)

An abridged excerpt from the novel, “Hedge of Protection,” is available in On Spec, Aurora Award Winner 2012, Issue #85, along with a Feature Author Interview by Roberta Laurie.

Retribution is now available in Audiobook from