Redemption (The Bloodlight Chronicles)
“Finding innovative science fiction is getting harder and harder as true literary pioneering seems to have slowed to stagnation, then comes along a series of books from ECW Press called The Bloodlight Chronicles by Steve Stanton, and hope for originality in the genre is revived.” (Amazing Stories, 2013, reviewed by Ricky L. Brown.)

Redemption tackles the big questions, life, death, religion, the future, destiny, and in this setting that is to be both wished and feared. Worth checking out.” (SciFi Pulse, 2012.)

Redemption considers how technology and genetics will impact entertainment, religion, business, human relations, and the very definitions of life and death. Much of Stanton’s future world seems an inevitable outcome of our society’s progression, and he weaves the possible together with the fantastic effortlessly.” (Scene Magazine, 2013, reviewed by Adam Shirley.)

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