In a future world where enhanced cyborgs are exhibiting precognition and machines are communicating through a psychic freenet, the human species struggles to hold the top rung of the evolutionary ladder.

“Steve Stanton’s fourth science fiction book Freenet explores humanity in the far future after we have created the ‘Macpherson Doorway’ through folded space-time, and vaulted ourselves with the blink of an eye into a galaxy far far away and 12 million years into the future. No traffic back through the doorway is permitted since a quarantine was placed some dozen years ago to prevent any unwanted DNA from sneaking through from Earth to ‘New Jerusalem’…The story flows seamlessly from one perspective to another with crisp page-turning narrative, action, and intrigue…Stanton’s Freenet flows like a fresh turbulent river, scouring and building up sediment, then meandering like an oxbow into areas that surprise. He lulls you into expectation, based on your own vision of the digital world, then—like a bubble bursting—releases a quantum paradox of wormhole possibility.” Nina Munteanu, The Alien Next Door.

“This fast-paced book pulls the reader through space, time, and the complexities of inner space with its multiple settings, viewpoints, and ideas…It’s a compelling story that kept me reading to see what was going to happen next, with intriguing glimpses into other worlds, cultures, and future technologies. Recommended if you like fast action, futuristic settings, and deep conspiracies.” Sherry D. Ramsey, author of One’s Aspect to the Sun.

“A great book which plunges deep into the murky depths of the philosophical and metaphysical. Like the proverbial snowball rolling down a hill, Freenet starts out as a straightforward story of Simara Ying fleeing the sexual advances of her stepfather to crash-land on the doorstep of cave-dwelling Zen Valda, but soon gathers layer upon layer of varying themes and memes: sexuality, morality, identity, religion, what is reality, what is truth.” Noel Roach.

“A non-stop, furiously paced story that takes readers on a fascinating journey from deep space to artificial intelligence to the primordial history of the human species.” Robert Charles Wilson, Hugo Award-winning author of Spin.